Your AI Hatchery

Streamlining AI development
and deployment

Mind Factory

Unleashing AI Innovation

Unlock your AI potential with:

High Performance Compute Resources

Access to high performance compute resources on the DeepSquare testnet, simplifying your AI development process.

Standardized Workflow Files

Create and deploy AI applications and interactive sessions using standardized workflow files, enhancing efficiency, reusability, and reproducibility.

Powerful Command Line Interface

Easily manage your applications with a feature-rich command line interface. Save time, reduce complexity and increase your productivity.

Feature-rich IDE Integration

Experience a seamless integration with VS Code, providing a comprehensive environment for your AI development process.

Versatile Development Options

Choose from a multitude of available workflow files to boost your productivity and start building instantaneously

Integrated Terminal

Connect to running instances using the command line, enhancing control and flexibility in your development process.